Services Available (most services are mobile)

We have been assisting businesses and people for over 10 years, Alex Steed Solutions is here for you. Remember, Alex Steed is not a person, but an idea. The idea that we all can help.

We only serve Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Walkertown, and King until we find the best to work with us

  1. FORD, GM, CHRYSLER: OEM diagnostic software; turn off immobilizer, check engine lights, ect
  2. We help you pass NC state inspections
  3. Immobilizer off for most cars/truck/heavy equipment so you do not have to go to the dealer to get your key cut — if you fob messes up, you have to have you car towed to dealer
  4. We also offer heavy equipment software so that you can service your own equipment
  5. Performance upgrades for both gas and diesel thru the ECU/ECM, no more bolt on upgrades
  6. Turn off problem some issues (upstream/downstream), ect
  7. ECU/ECM/BCM replacements — VIN changes/replacements
  8. Business remote CCTV security thru your cell, fixed rate, no contract with redundant back up
  9. Business customer improvement/appearance and rating increase (online/offline) –high ROI Happy customers tell other people and their perception is what we assist you to enhance
  10. Business technology equipment assessments/improvement and implementation; both desktops, networks and training
  11. We also offer an unlock service for businesses and people who get locked out of their car or truck — this is a membership and by invite only