Technology Consulting   SEO Optimization People Empowerment Alex Steed Handi-enpowered and Eldercare Life Direction and Education Investment Opportunities Commercial Laptop and Desktop Sales
Technology Consulting
With over 15+ years of actual in the field experience, we guide you starting with an assessment. We create a custom plan for your specific business and the EXACT steps. Laptop, desktop, network equipment, website creation, hosting, emails, CCTV, employee training, employee manuals, SOP, single point lesson plans and much more. All commercial clients get a direct customer only cell phone number with direct access to us 24/7. You will receive a call back within 30 minutes.
SEO Optimization
Our S.E.O. --- Search Engine Optimization means that we bring actual customers to your business. Our proprietary process, brings targeted customers to you and ensures your marketing budget has a high ROI. We sit down and work with you and your team. By targeting the demographic, area and segment you require for success.
People Empowerment
People Empowerment: We create opportunities to help members of our community grow businesses with free consultation as well as using contacts and connections we as business owners developed in the community. These new business owners are of all ages and backgrounds. We are always looking for more business partners who enjoy watching these awe inspiring people grow. These new business owners can then help people in turn.
Alex Steed
The name Alex Steed is an idea. The idea is simple. Action. Care about your community, provide a good service and try to treat people right. We are here to help serve, make money to grow and to enjoy helping. How can we help? We get selfish joy from helping. It is not a toot our horn or you should use us because we are good people. If anything you should help whether you use us or not. Our community grows if we all grow.
Handi-enpowered and Eldercare
Handi-enpowered and elderly people are overlooked. We are now offering a special service thru strategic partnerships: Home cleaning services and home maintenance as well as clutter removal, this will help people who are home-bound. We know it will be dusty, cluttered and a challenge. We are here to help. We also offer home and vehicle maintenance to protect their investments. Tummy comfort for the future.
Life Direction and Education
We also offer free or almost free education for the individuals looking for a future. Thru a series of interviews and screening we assist individuals gain education thru internships, jobs with our other work program or even with our clients. We assist people of all ages find their path. We assist people in getting skilled jobs and careers that fit them.
Investment Opportunities
We offer money opportunities for businesses. Using our proprietary system we offer land, real estate, vehicles as well as access to most markets earlier than pros in those markets. Our system guarantees you a high return on investment and forecast profit centers better than most pros. We also predict areas of growth and profit better than pros using our system. We do not offer teaching this system. It is a competitive advantage.
Commercial Laptop and Desktop Sales
We offer commercial desktops, laptops, secure access, networking, CCTV, printers and business controls. We offer heavy duty repair, with interfaces; laptops including the software, laptops for OEM auto repair as well as motorcycles and water craft.